DragonCon Report on the way

I forgot about flickers upload cap, so I'm stuck with just the photos I have up there. =( I have been adding some to my DA page like this Phoenix Wright themed one Objection. I have a funny Happy potter one too in Hogwarts Teachers Chillin'. There is a classic Storm Trooper shot too.

I'll get up details up in the next week along with some of the best con shots on my DA page. More videos are coming too! Including all the live acts from D*C on Monday.

On an unrelated note, Google Christian Siriano at Fashion Week for some over-the-top couture creations for spring/summer. Would you (could you) wear something like that?



I've been very busy with the start of school. No one reads this, so I haven't taken the time to update. I did take the time to got o DragonCon though!

I report of my adventure will follow. There will be pictures (some up on Here already.)
and videos on my you tube MistyGeekable


Kidz Bop, making you go "Wha..?" for more than a decade

Have you ever seen one of the commercials for Kidz Bop? It's a "band" of kids that do covers of pop songs for a kiddie audience. They just put out a cover of Lady Gaga and Beyonce's smash song "Telephone."

Hey don't worry instead of "sipping that bub" they've wisely substituted "eating that grub." Enjoy.

I know you might need somethign after that. Enjoy 50 My Little Pony Mods for Geeks. You might be impressed.


The Psychology of Make Up and other girly things

Is a woman lazy if she doesn't wear make up? It seems to be a common belief. I know among my circle of fiends the nerdy portion don't normally bother, unless it is for a costume or over dramatic eye painting. Recently, WolvenChic over on Lovelyish wrote I'm Not Lazy Because I Don't Wear Makeup, taking up the issues on a personal level.

I admit to a lipstick addiction. I would probably be worse in this department, if I had the money to spend on make up more often. At the end of the day I would rather spend $8 on one of these P.F. Chang's frozen dinners then a the newset product from CoverGirl.

The New York Times took a look at the new trend of circle lens. They aren't new to anime fans and cosplayers, but the big eyed look is really picking up on the U.S.  The problem with that is circle lenses are illegal in the U.S. (contact lenses must be purchased with a prescription). They carry risks like oxygen deprivation, and it is really not a good idea to wear lens you don't need to.

The lens have gone mainstream in Japan, Singapore and South Korea. They've long been popular for photos, but now are becoming just like and other fashion accessory.
The NY Times articale gets into the danger and the history of the tread more.


DC Love

Despite my hardcore love of geek paraphernalia, display pieces are never something I seek out. [Okay, the CLAMP Chess Set was the exception to the rule.] They are nice to look at, but for me just exist for me to dust.

Recently, DC put out a nice little item for Wondy that makes me almost change my mind. Via DC Direct:
Wonder Woman is recognized the world over for her distinctive tiara, bracelets and earrings, and now you can be the proud owner of these time-honored symbols of the Amazing Amazon and her incredible heritage with this prop set! Crafted from resin, these are re-creations of Wonder Woman's famous super-hero accessories, set in a stunning base that features etched artwork depicting the history of the Amazons from their creation to the crowning of young Princess Diana as Wonder Woman. The insides of the bracelets are inscribed with the code of the Amazons. These finely crafted and detailed props can be removed from the base but are not designed to be worn (or to deflect actual bullets). This limited-edition prop set comes with a Certificate of Authenticity in 4-color window box packaging.
At the end of the day, I'd rather spend my meager funds on new WW hardcovers by J. Michael Straczynski. I have faith in you J. Mike! Make remember why I love Diana. Hey, you made me read Marvel (Thor), you have magical comic writing powers.

I took a glace at the recent Ame-Comi figures, DC females in "anime-style," and I think they are reaching a bit now. Duella Dent? It is kind of cute, but I wonder how well that one will sell. I do like the up coming Steel figure though.

But now I have to pose this question; even if you aren't one for figures or statues, don't you wish you lived near the nine-foot statue of Lois Lane? I do. ♥


Keep Your Pennies: Breakfast Anyone?

Too lazy to cook in the morning? Think you are too poor to go out for breakfast? I tell you know you can have your morning meal, and keep your money too.

At IHOP the Revolution is upon us – the Pancake Revolution. Join in by signing up for the Pancake Revolution email newsletter. You get a free pancake plate on sign-up, on your birthday, and on your one-year anniversary of joining. You can also snag a free meal for family member under 13 or your spouse. The coupon you get for sign up is good for a few weeks, so don't worry running by until the mood for delicious pancakes strikes.

If you like to write, keep an eye on IHOP's web site. They often run contest around holidays for $100 gift cards. They normally have multiple winners too. I Heart Dad Contest is the most recent.

Are you feeling more grease in your breakfast food, or maybe it's just 2 am and you're starved? The answer to your problems is Waffle House. Most locations are open 24 hours a day, and if you want something other than breakfast, there are a variety of lunch and dinner options on the menu. Eat up a free meal at Waffle House when you become a Waffle House Regular. Click here to join and keep an eye on WH's Twitter and facebook for special offers.

For more free breakfast food on the cheap finish reading this post over here. Keep Your Pennies: Breakfast Anyone?

Keep Your Pennies: Free Ice Cream!

As the heat grows, wouldn't a cool, sweet treat be just the thing to ease your suffering? Wouldn't it be all that much sweeter if it were free? That can happen, sweaty readers.

Join Bruster's Sweet Rewards today to receive an offer just for joining. You'll get a gift on your birthday and you one year membership anniversary. You can add up to 4 extra people on your account, so the too can get free treats on their birthdays. If Bruster's is normally too pricey, this is a good opportunity to taste their "real ice cream."

Another bringer of the birthday ice cream is Dairy Queen. The Blizzard fan club gives out buy one get one free small blizzards for birthdays, and whenever they have limited time blizzard. If you Like them on Facebook, submit your photo and be entered to win the Blizzard Fan of the Week promotion. Each weekly winner receives a free $5 DQ gift card.

Want to know even more ways to get free ice cream? Read more here. 

Next up is Free Breakfast!


I recently added some more news stories to Gather. The short, sily bibs of Government Stupid.

Beware of Beads
Price for Having Tasty Treats

The last one might my your head hurt, so look carefully


Keep Your Pennies

Do you keep your pennies? Eventually, they add up to dollars.

Keep You Pennies Master List
Most offer are US Only
But check for offers good in Canada in foods. 
International offers will have **


Keep Your Pennies: Free Ice Cream!

Keep Your Pennies: Breakfast Anyone?

Meaty Deals: Free or Cheap Eat Out Meat

Events/Places/Things To Do

Earn ___ online!
Guides To....


Don't ask, Don't tell

I've decide to keep this blog more on fun topics. I'm going to put the more political posts on Gather.com. See my first one: 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Updates


Abraham Lincoln, vampire hunter

The Civil War battle you haven’t heard of — until now.

This isn’t a movie trailer, it’s a book trailer, advertising the latest historical horror goof by the guy who wrote “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.”

Wasn't there a book about Queen Victoria being a zombie hunter/vampire hunter (can't remember which)? Is this becoming too big a trand?

I know I'll pick up this book as soon as I can get my hands of it.


Bad Fashion, Boobs, and Lightsabers

It has been a random day for me. I will share the flow of randomness here, nut I'll make sure it all good.

You've seen People of Walmart, but have you seen People Of The Park? And you see what people are driving these days?

If you fell ditty after all that clean up with Soap with d20s from Geeky Clean. Dry off while to watch a video looking at How much did “Avatar” rip off “Pocahontas”? and Helicopter vs. turkey vulture

Educate youself about things you should know about breasts and learn 10 reasons to avoid talking on the phone.

Wash it all down with some lightsaber chopsticks and vintage_ads.


Amazing Places

I love photography. I love travel.

[info]awesome_places, a community on livejournal, feeds my love of both. Every post has at least one picture of some innovative and weird  bit of architecture.

In the same vein, check out all_castles too. 
You don't have to be a member to enjoy all this gorgeous work, so be sure ot bookmark it for a look later too.  


Mmm...News and Comics...a slice of Heven

I'm not a huge web comic reader, but I have a few I check now and then. Today Day by Day has a laugh at the expensive of White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs [Video].

If you have some time, flip back. There is no deep story line, so the comics can easily be read alone.


A new age of transparency?

In an effort to save health care reform, and perhaps to try some transparency in Washington (after the obscene amount of backroom dealing on this bill) President Obama will hold a televised meeting with leaders in Congress in attempt to bring some kind of reform in 2010.

“I want to come back [after the Presidents Day congressional recess] and have a large meeting — Republicans and Democrats — to go through, systematically, all the best ideas that are out there and move it forward,” Obama said in an interview with Katie Couric during CBS’s Super Bowl pre-game show Sunday. “What we have to do is just make sure that it is a much more clear and transparent process,” he said. “I’ve got to push Congress on that.”

Many argue that Obama intends on using this time to blame the failure onto the Republicans. That would seems silly, since Democrats had the votes they needed for almost seven months to pass ObamaCare without anyone else. Having Scott Brown in his seat, they need some Republicans on their side.

The White House has set half a day aside on February 25th for an open meeting on ideas for a compromise.

More: Obama Asks Republicans to Health-Care Overhaul Talks


TV That Took The Off Ramp

Yes, Steven Seagal does still have a job appearing on TV somewhere.Cracked.com's The 5 Most Embarrassing Moments From 'Steven Seagal: Lawman' is probably the best way to watch this show. Still, if you're free one night and unable to sleep, this should be better than any pill you could take.

Most reality TV is going that way. The concepts, the people, and the budgets getting crazier all the time. (Jersey Shore anyone?) This madness does not just lend itself to recent times or reality TV. There is hardly a stranger time on TV than the 1990's.

1990 brought the world the infamous "Cop Rock". A police drama that was styled as a Broadway musical While the show has made the majority of 'Worst Ever' tv lists, at the time it was up for a handful of Emmys (admittedly for technical work).

In the same family as Cop Rock, Hull High told the story of  urban area high school. The series was part soap opera, part musical. It was killed after 8 episodes. How would it do now in the face of Glee's success?

UPN brought the world two disasters. Homeboys in Outer Space, a 1997 sci-fi spoof wherein two guys fly around the universe in a winged car. The second was The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer a civil war era comedy which now sits half unaired locked in the dark corner forever. It was unpopular even before airing because of it's light-hearted take on slavery.

Then there is the case of legitimate shows the simple got greedy and went off the deep end. Baywatch had a spin off.  What on earth could Baywatch spin off about? Nothing successful. Baywatch Nights was about Sergeant Garner Ellerbee (from the show) quitting his job to start a detective agency investigating X-files-esque crimes along side David Hasselhoff.

In a away it's sad some of the madness didn't make the cut. Poochinski (1990), for example, could have been something people would look back on and say 'At least the special effects here don't like like a $5 puppet dog.' Peter Boyle as a hard boiled cop who was kiled only to be resurrected as a bulldog. NBC only aired their single episode.

There were other shows: "The Hat Squad" (1992), Viva Laughlin (2007), Pacific Blue,The Flash (1990). ect. Of many of them it can be said that "they were so bad, they were good." Can they same be said of today's reality TV? Will we look back ans fondly shake your heads, or will be to deny to the last that we watched them?


Stan Lee's Lightspeed (2006)

"All one of the robbers kept babbling about was this guy. Here one minute and gone the next. Pshoo! Flash of light. Combine that with a reporter's flair, and now we gotta deal with some superhero wannabe in a leotard."

Grade:  D

Quick Review: The fact that it tried made it all that much worse. They should have played it for laughs.

Full review:
I've given this movie D over a ZOMG FAIL, because the Python is a interesting villain. Also, the make up is good.

And to be honest, you can't  ask too much of it going in. Yes, it has Stan Lee's name on it, but is based off a reality TV show. A bad reality TV show (that I saw every single episode of). It's also a sci-fi movie and you know they try to be bad.

Yes, the odds were stacked against it, but there is no excuse for such a sorry, predictable plot. Even decent direction couldn't save this screenplay.

A  government agent from the Ghost Squad (a team that has to be constantly reminded not to kill everyone all the time), Daniel Leight (Jason Connery), losses use of his legs in an explosion. When the evil half-man, half-snake called Python breaks into the hospital to save a comrade, he stops by Daniel's room to turn up the radiation so high that it will kill him. Sadly, it does not and Daniel is able to save himself. The radiation grants Daniel a speedy recovery, and the ability to run at "lightspeed."

I have no problem with the fact that Daniel looks like he's pushing 50. My problem is that Jason Connery isn't a very good actor. The acting here isn't awful, it's maybe a soap opera level, but it isn't something that drives you to watch. And this movie needs to drive you to watch.

Daniel Goddard plays Python who is the motivating face to finish the movie. Python has an awesome makeup job , unique and interesting back story,  and at least some interesting connection to characters. At the end of the day though his revenge is vague and his henchmen are stuntmen extras.

**SPOLIER**Lee Majors has very little to do with anything, until the random twist ending. **SPOLIER**

Nicole Eggert plays the bait Daniel's girlfriend. She is also is a member of the Ghost Squad though you wouldn't know it as she fails to ever really try to free herself when captured. Also thrill at her delvers of "Hey, life happens."

In addition to a nasty case of useless girlfriend syndrome, it suffers from a case of bad superhero suit. While plastering him with cotton muscles wouldn't have been any better, a commando solider should look like he is in shape. 

The special effect are so bad it's distracting. It's like they are out of an early 90s TV pilot. A low budget should lend itself to creativity, not sub par efforts. 

I enjoy B movies and I didn't even enjoy this. If you are looking for a film to mock, this is it. In any other case, I don't suggest you waste any time with it.


How about a Wii workout?

Long have I yearned for a Wii. Mostly, because I want to play more Zelda games, but also to use the ever popular Wii Fit. My 20 pound overweight tummy is going to go to a gym, so this is a good, computerized trainer, right?

Sadly, today I read that “Dusting burns more calories than Wii Fit.

When you really look at the system, it makes logical sense. The bonuses of dusting outweigh a Wii(wee?) work out too. You get you house clean and you didn’t have to pay to do it.

Reading the comments make the report sound like bull though. It does say some questionable things too. Wii tennis is not part of Wii Fit, for instance.

These inaccuracies are enough to make me wonder about the validity of the whole thing. If nothing else, the Wii Fit help figure BMI and keeps track of weight lost. I would still like to get one someday. Till then I’ll dust…


Cool Links, News and Other Info

Ask the American public if they want an FBI wiretap and they'll say, "no." If you ask them do they want a feature on their phone that helps the FBI find their missing child they'll say, "Yes." --Louis Freeh, FBI Director

Face of Jesus appears in naan bread

Why Do We Need 3D TV? Porno, One Company Argues

Egypt: New find shows slaves didn't build pyramids

The Saddest IMDb Profiles Ever

U.S. President Barack Obama leaves after giving a statement about the devastation caused by an earthquake in Haiti, at the White House in Washington January 13, 2010. --Link

"CBS News RAW": daytime pictures of the aftermath of the Tuesday's earthquake in Haiti. [Video]


Jurassic Park for real?

How would you like to be chased down by a Velociraptor? It could be great exercise. That’s the kind of motivation that could make me run everyday.

Scientists believe that through cloning they can sustain endangered species. In the clip you see that is working. But could we—should we—try restoring specie long gone? The wooly mammoth could be making a come back!

60 Minutes: Resurrecting The Extinct

Hello and Good Day!

This that standard intro post. The ol' ‘About Me’ and ‘This Blog is…’ If you have read anything here, you don’t need this. Who I am, and what I am doing is evident in this words that come after this early post.

My wardrobe is old blue jeans and t-shirts of comic logos and cartoon characters. My Friday nights are spent playing Magic: The Gathering or curled up with my great plastic love, the playstation 2. I read and collect comic books of the superhero variety, and ones from the Golden Age of comics you’ve most likely never heard of. I spend my holiday weekends at sci-fi/fantasy/anime conventions getting artist and actors to scribble their names on things.

I have been long branded a rare breed. I am a female geek.

Even though I found Mr. Tall, Blue-eyed, and Handsome to share these defining hobbies with, there are few other ladies I can share this with in real life. So I have turned to blogging as an outlet.

This blog will mostly be about the things geeks enjoy and the geekier side of life, but as a journalism major I care about the news and think others should too. Expect to find links to things you should know about!