A new age of transparency?

In an effort to save health care reform, and perhaps to try some transparency in Washington (after the obscene amount of backroom dealing on this bill) President Obama will hold a televised meeting with leaders in Congress in attempt to bring some kind of reform in 2010.

“I want to come back [after the Presidents Day congressional recess] and have a large meeting — Republicans and Democrats — to go through, systematically, all the best ideas that are out there and move it forward,” Obama said in an interview with Katie Couric during CBS’s Super Bowl pre-game show Sunday. “What we have to do is just make sure that it is a much more clear and transparent process,” he said. “I’ve got to push Congress on that.”

Many argue that Obama intends on using this time to blame the failure onto the Republicans. That would seems silly, since Democrats had the votes they needed for almost seven months to pass ObamaCare without anyone else. Having Scott Brown in his seat, they need some Republicans on their side.

The White House has set half a day aside on February 25th for an open meeting on ideas for a compromise.

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