How about a Wii workout?

Long have I yearned for a Wii. Mostly, because I want to play more Zelda games, but also to use the ever popular Wii Fit. My 20 pound overweight tummy is going to go to a gym, so this is a good, computerized trainer, right?

Sadly, today I read that “Dusting burns more calories than Wii Fit.

When you really look at the system, it makes logical sense. The bonuses of dusting outweigh a Wii(wee?) work out too. You get you house clean and you didn’t have to pay to do it.

Reading the comments make the report sound like bull though. It does say some questionable things too. Wii tennis is not part of Wii Fit, for instance.

These inaccuracies are enough to make me wonder about the validity of the whole thing. If nothing else, the Wii Fit help figure BMI and keeps track of weight lost. I would still like to get one someday. Till then I’ll dust…

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