I recently added some more news stories to Gather. The short, sily bibs of Government Stupid.

Beware of Beads
Price for Having Tasty Treats

The last one might my your head hurt, so look carefully


Keep Your Pennies

Do you keep your pennies? Eventually, they add up to dollars.

Keep You Pennies Master List
Most offer are US Only
But check for offers good in Canada in foods. 
International offers will have **


Keep Your Pennies: Free Ice Cream!

Keep Your Pennies: Breakfast Anyone?

Meaty Deals: Free or Cheap Eat Out Meat

Events/Places/Things To Do

Earn ___ online!
Guides To....


Don't ask, Don't tell

I've decide to keep this blog more on fun topics. I'm going to put the more political posts on Gather.com. See my first one: 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Updates