Random Comics: The Family Zoo

Have you ever read something so thoroughly weird that after it was over you weren’t sure what happen? I just found one of these…experiences. It seemed innocuous enough, a story of a family that gets reincarnated as zoo animals.I could deal with the poo-eating joke that were cearly going to happen from pages one, but when we hit interspecial incest my brain hurt too much to keep going. I had to come back anther day. This short is gets high marks for orginality and the timing of the brain destorying turns. That said, this was 22 pages my eyes can’t take back.

I really wish they could.

Here is a snip it. I advise you not to go looking for this one. 

The manga has no official English translation, but was brought to the English speaking world by Mangascreener. I find it hard to say thank you…

Page 2 // Page 6 // Page 9


The things I Learn from a PS3

In the nuclear apocalypse not much survives. Humans must salvage whatever they can to build a life in the Wasteland. Fear not though, for even in the wake of a nuclear fallout hair gel still remains for the bad guys to make their mohawks nice and pointy.

Fallout 3 told me so.

I was given a PS3 for Christmas, so after I finished Final Fantasy 13 I began Fallout 3. It is a fantasic, addicting game. However, after 8000 kb in file size it game begins to jam up. D=

In order to keep playing (and have my PS3 operate correctly), I must safe reset to get rid of the corrupted data. Stupid lazy port from the XBOX…It should speak for the greatness for the game that I have played it enough after that point to get to lvl 30 with good karma. (Gotta get these all important trophies, you know.) I already bought New Vegas before I found out about this chiric problem in Fall out PS3 games, so I will try and play that.

Still, take note of Bestaworks FAIL. They still don’t have patches out for either of these games…[EDIT: They do have a patch out for New Vegas, but it apparently isn’t a complete fix all]

Bemoaning aside my searching for answer lead me to some very cool finds! See Fallout Photo Love

In other news, Plants vs Zombies might be the greatest game ever.