The Psychology of Make Up and other girly things

Is a woman lazy if she doesn't wear make up? It seems to be a common belief. I know among my circle of fiends the nerdy portion don't normally bother, unless it is for a costume or over dramatic eye painting. Recently, WolvenChic over on Lovelyish wrote I'm Not Lazy Because I Don't Wear Makeup, taking up the issues on a personal level.

I admit to a lipstick addiction. I would probably be worse in this department, if I had the money to spend on make up more often. At the end of the day I would rather spend $8 on one of these P.F. Chang's frozen dinners then a the newset product from CoverGirl.

The New York Times took a look at the new trend of circle lens. They aren't new to anime fans and cosplayers, but the big eyed look is really picking up on the U.S.  The problem with that is circle lenses are illegal in the U.S. (contact lenses must be purchased with a prescription). They carry risks like oxygen deprivation, and it is really not a good idea to wear lens you don't need to.

The lens have gone mainstream in Japan, Singapore and South Korea. They've long been popular for photos, but now are becoming just like and other fashion accessory.
The NY Times articale gets into the danger and the history of the tread more.


  1. Firstly I absolutely agree with you on the issue of makeup. It is quite discouraging that many of us live in societies where females have such expectations imposed upon them.

    As for the lens issue, this is not something I was really aware of at all. o.o

  2. Im actually glad to see that the blog was able to reach someone other than myself. [by the way, I promise I was not stalking you, haha, I was actually googling my name, that blog title and lovelyish and your blog popped up.

    I have to say thank you for stopping to read the blog. =)