Keep Your Pennies: Free Ice Cream!

As the heat grows, wouldn't a cool, sweet treat be just the thing to ease your suffering? Wouldn't it be all that much sweeter if it were free? That can happen, sweaty readers.

Join Bruster's Sweet Rewards today to receive an offer just for joining. You'll get a gift on your birthday and you one year membership anniversary. You can add up to 4 extra people on your account, so the too can get free treats on their birthdays. If Bruster's is normally too pricey, this is a good opportunity to taste their "real ice cream."

Another bringer of the birthday ice cream is Dairy Queen. The Blizzard fan club gives out buy one get one free small blizzards for birthdays, and whenever they have limited time blizzard. If you Like them on Facebook, submit your photo and be entered to win the Blizzard Fan of the Week promotion. Each weekly winner receives a free $5 DQ gift card.

Want to know even more ways to get free ice cream? Read more here. 

Next up is Free Breakfast!

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