DC Love

Despite my hardcore love of geek paraphernalia, display pieces are never something I seek out. [Okay, the CLAMP Chess Set was the exception to the rule.] They are nice to look at, but for me just exist for me to dust.

Recently, DC put out a nice little item for Wondy that makes me almost change my mind. Via DC Direct:
Wonder Woman is recognized the world over for her distinctive tiara, bracelets and earrings, and now you can be the proud owner of these time-honored symbols of the Amazing Amazon and her incredible heritage with this prop set! Crafted from resin, these are re-creations of Wonder Woman's famous super-hero accessories, set in a stunning base that features etched artwork depicting the history of the Amazons from their creation to the crowning of young Princess Diana as Wonder Woman. The insides of the bracelets are inscribed with the code of the Amazons. These finely crafted and detailed props can be removed from the base but are not designed to be worn (or to deflect actual bullets). This limited-edition prop set comes with a Certificate of Authenticity in 4-color window box packaging.
At the end of the day, I'd rather spend my meager funds on new WW hardcovers by J. Michael Straczynski. I have faith in you J. Mike! Make remember why I love Diana. Hey, you made me read Marvel (Thor), you have magical comic writing powers.

I took a glace at the recent Ame-Comi figures, DC females in "anime-style," and I think they are reaching a bit now. Duella Dent? It is kind of cute, but I wonder how well that one will sell. I do like the up coming Steel figure though.

But now I have to pose this question; even if you aren't one for figures or statues, don't you wish you lived near the nine-foot statue of Lois Lane? I do. ♥


Keep Your Pennies: Breakfast Anyone?

Too lazy to cook in the morning? Think you are too poor to go out for breakfast? I tell you know you can have your morning meal, and keep your money too.

At IHOP the Revolution is upon us – the Pancake Revolution. Join in by signing up for the Pancake Revolution email newsletter. You get a free pancake plate on sign-up, on your birthday, and on your one-year anniversary of joining. You can also snag a free meal for family member under 13 or your spouse. The coupon you get for sign up is good for a few weeks, so don't worry running by until the mood for delicious pancakes strikes.

If you like to write, keep an eye on IHOP's web site. They often run contest around holidays for $100 gift cards. They normally have multiple winners too. I Heart Dad Contest is the most recent.

Are you feeling more grease in your breakfast food, or maybe it's just 2 am and you're starved? The answer to your problems is Waffle House. Most locations are open 24 hours a day, and if you want something other than breakfast, there are a variety of lunch and dinner options on the menu. Eat up a free meal at Waffle House when you become a Waffle House Regular. Click here to join and keep an eye on WH's Twitter and facebook for special offers.

For more free breakfast food on the cheap finish reading this post over here. Keep Your Pennies: Breakfast Anyone?

Keep Your Pennies: Free Ice Cream!

As the heat grows, wouldn't a cool, sweet treat be just the thing to ease your suffering? Wouldn't it be all that much sweeter if it were free? That can happen, sweaty readers.

Join Bruster's Sweet Rewards today to receive an offer just for joining. You'll get a gift on your birthday and you one year membership anniversary. You can add up to 4 extra people on your account, so the too can get free treats on their birthdays. If Bruster's is normally too pricey, this is a good opportunity to taste their "real ice cream."

Another bringer of the birthday ice cream is Dairy Queen. The Blizzard fan club gives out buy one get one free small blizzards for birthdays, and whenever they have limited time blizzard. If you Like them on Facebook, submit your photo and be entered to win the Blizzard Fan of the Week promotion. Each weekly winner receives a free $5 DQ gift card.

Want to know even more ways to get free ice cream? Read more here. 

Next up is Free Breakfast!