DragonCon Report on the way

I forgot about flickers upload cap, so I'm stuck with just the photos I have up there. =( I have been adding some to my DA page like this Phoenix Wright themed one Objection. I have a funny Happy potter one too in Hogwarts Teachers Chillin'. There is a classic Storm Trooper shot too.

I'll get up details up in the next week along with some of the best con shots on my DA page. More videos are coming too! Including all the live acts from D*C on Monday.

On an unrelated note, Google Christian Siriano at Fashion Week for some over-the-top couture creations for spring/summer. Would you (could you) wear something like that?

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  1. this is lilemz from roliana, i love this post. that dress is so beautiful and outrageous i would totally wear it (:

    i'm not signed in, so if you want to check out my blog: lilmissshortee.blogspot.com