Hello and Good Day!

This that standard intro post. The ol' ‘About Me’ and ‘This Blog is…’ If you have read anything here, you don’t need this. Who I am, and what I am doing is evident in this words that come after this early post.

My wardrobe is old blue jeans and t-shirts of comic logos and cartoon characters. My Friday nights are spent playing Magic: The Gathering or curled up with my great plastic love, the playstation 2. I read and collect comic books of the superhero variety, and ones from the Golden Age of comics you’ve most likely never heard of. I spend my holiday weekends at sci-fi/fantasy/anime conventions getting artist and actors to scribble their names on things.

I have been long branded a rare breed. I am a female geek.

Even though I found Mr. Tall, Blue-eyed, and Handsome to share these defining hobbies with, there are few other ladies I can share this with in real life. So I have turned to blogging as an outlet.

This blog will mostly be about the things geeks enjoy and the geekier side of life, but as a journalism major I care about the news and think others should too. Expect to find links to things you should know about!

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