TV That Took The Off Ramp

Yes, Steven Seagal does still have a job appearing on TV somewhere.Cracked.com's The 5 Most Embarrassing Moments From 'Steven Seagal: Lawman' is probably the best way to watch this show. Still, if you're free one night and unable to sleep, this should be better than any pill you could take.

Most reality TV is going that way. The concepts, the people, and the budgets getting crazier all the time. (Jersey Shore anyone?) This madness does not just lend itself to recent times or reality TV. There is hardly a stranger time on TV than the 1990's.

1990 brought the world the infamous "Cop Rock". A police drama that was styled as a Broadway musical While the show has made the majority of 'Worst Ever' tv lists, at the time it was up for a handful of Emmys (admittedly for technical work).

In the same family as Cop Rock, Hull High told the story of  urban area high school. The series was part soap opera, part musical. It was killed after 8 episodes. How would it do now in the face of Glee's success?

UPN brought the world two disasters. Homeboys in Outer Space, a 1997 sci-fi spoof wherein two guys fly around the universe in a winged car. The second was The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer a civil war era comedy which now sits half unaired locked in the dark corner forever. It was unpopular even before airing because of it's light-hearted take on slavery.

Then there is the case of legitimate shows the simple got greedy and went off the deep end. Baywatch had a spin off.  What on earth could Baywatch spin off about? Nothing successful. Baywatch Nights was about Sergeant Garner Ellerbee (from the show) quitting his job to start a detective agency investigating X-files-esque crimes along side David Hasselhoff.

In a away it's sad some of the madness didn't make the cut. Poochinski (1990), for example, could have been something people would look back on and say 'At least the special effects here don't like like a $5 puppet dog.' Peter Boyle as a hard boiled cop who was kiled only to be resurrected as a bulldog. NBC only aired their single episode.

There were other shows: "The Hat Squad" (1992), Viva Laughlin (2007), Pacific Blue,The Flash (1990). ect. Of many of them it can be said that "they were so bad, they were good." Can they same be said of today's reality TV? Will we look back ans fondly shake your heads, or will be to deny to the last that we watched them?

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