Spider-Man And Tumblr

I've been having so much fun on Tumblr. They have everything. There are even Ramen blogs.

I understand why people don't like it. If someone doesn't post a source for their unoriginal content, it is pretty much impossible to find out more. Still, from what I've seen that doesn't happen often. I do stick mostly to the comics related content though.

It was tumblr that tipped me off about the July 23 Auction on ha.com (Heritage Auctions) There will be open bidding on a piece of John Romita artwork featuring Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus in front of the Sanger Harris department store at Town East Mall in Mesquite, Texas. It an indented advertising supplement in the defunct Dallas Times Herald. I do love looking at unpublished art. Visit the Dallas Observer for more on that.

It will be fun to see how much it goes for. Comic book values might surprise some, and everyone loves John Romtia art work on Spider Man. 

I was going to do a post for the fourth. I've found some invited fire works photos, but I spent too muc time on other writings. (At least they are patriotic!)

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