Go, Go, Power Rangers!

At the age of six I would strike heroic martial arts poses for any picture I could get away with. Was I inspired by the not too long past Karate Kid or the Chuck Norris films I would sneakily watch from around the corner when my dad had them on? No, it was all thanks to Power Rangers.

I had no idea that PR was originally a decades old product of Japan localized for kid masses in the US (though I was always bothered by the switching of footage). I did know that the fighting was AWESOME, and my mom was never too sure about me watching the violence (making all that much cooler). The suit were cool, the weapons fund, and the acting was horrible.

Despite the actors being stale to awful, the first time the helmets came off and the audience sees the actors actually in the suits, is one of the most epic childhood tv moments I have.

I played PR in the playing ground until the end of third grade. I lost interested in PR about that time.


While mostly exsits to fangirl, it is also to highlight a video series called History of Power Rangers by Linkara. This is a somewhat analytic look at the different RP seasons from a completely the American view. At lot a research and work when into these making the worth watch to even the merely nostalgic about PR.

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