That Upcoming Fairy Tale Film

The fairy tale adaptation is vogue right now.

Emma Watson is set to play Beauty in Guillermo Del Torro's take on Beauty and the Beast, as officially announced earlier this week.

There are three productions of Snow White in the works right now. One from from Universal Pictures titled "Snow White and the Hunsman" with Kristen Stewart playing Snow opposite Viggo Mortensen as Eric, the Huntsman. It's set to come out June 1, 2012.

Relativity Media's Snow White will come out two months earlier on March 16, 2012. It recently cast Sean Bean to play the role of the King. Relativity's take seems lighter than Universal's, referring to the film as "a spirited adventure comedy filled with jealousy, romance, and betrayal..."

Disney's kung-foo infused version of Snow white, "Snow and The Seven," will not be out till 2013. No word if it will have a star from Lord of the Rings, but it'd be fun if it did.

Red Riding Hood came out in March of this year to a rough reception. Beastly (coming out only one week before) also did poorly, pulling even less in box office sales. Given these failures, one has to wonder why these various take on fairy tales keep coming.

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