Random Comics: The Family Zoo

Have you ever read something so thoroughly weird that after it was over you weren’t sure what happen? I just found one of these…experiences. It seemed innocuous enough, a story of a family that gets reincarnated as zoo animals.I could deal with the poo-eating joke that were cearly going to happen from pages one, but when we hit interspecial incest my brain hurt too much to keep going. I had to come back anther day. This short is gets high marks for orginality and the timing of the brain destorying turns. That said, this was 22 pages my eyes can’t take back.

I really wish they could.

Here is a snip it. I advise you not to go looking for this one. 

The manga has no official English translation, but was brought to the English speaking world by Mangascreener. I find it hard to say thank you…

Page 2 // Page 6 // Page 9

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